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Drawing on its many years of experience, EMPIRE presents a new premium line - EMPIRE JEWELRY, created by craftsmen at the highest level of historical jewelry heritage. EMPIRE JEWELRY proves that the true beauty exists beyond trends and time frames.

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The Creator

The main thing is to strive to touch the soul, to show the unity and diversity of the world in each new design. The power of beauty and spiritual significance in life and in all creations of the brand.


Believing in the creative power of beauty, Empire designers and craftsmen rethink the most inspiring works of art of all time and convey true values in their jewelry incarnations.


Starting in 2006, Empire has been reviving the cultural heritage of our ancestors, their traditions and philosophy in the author's collections of gift items. Gifts from Empire - always surprise and delight true connoisseurs of beauty.


With love for what they do and confidence in harmony of the past and the present, talented artists and experienced craftsmen create their jewelry masterpieces in the precious embodiment of luxury goods.

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The outstanding milestones of the history and wisdom of the past are all embodied in jewelry art.
Spiritual reflection and sophistication of the work are transmitted through the interweaving of delicate patterns, the sparkle of precious stones in the rich frame of precious metals.


Exceptional handwork and reverent attention to details, filigree coinage of gold and blackening of silver, enamel firing and precious stones inlay- many of the rarest and finest jewelry techniques are combined in one creation.

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